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Hurricane Harvey Information:

Posted 10/31/17:

Welcome returning and new Winter Texans!  Activities programming will commence in November with adjustments for group interest and repairs necessitated by Harvey.  Linda Hain will be coordinating all activities and food service; let her know your preferences.  Week activity schedules and meal sign-up sheets are available in the Office and the Family Club House.

Effective imediately we will expand office hours as follows:

The office will now be open Monday through Saturday from 10 am until 4 pm. The office will be closed on Sundays. The temporary office will continue to be housed in the Adult Club House adjacent to the entrance driveway as we complete repairs on the office building.

Aransas Propane is resuming their in park propane delivery service for the winter season beginning 11/1/17 and continuing through 3/31/18. A propane truck will come once a week each Wednesday.  Detachable propane tanks can be left beside the road by 8AM on Wednesdays with check or cash payment in a weatherproof Ziploc bag. Motorhomes and fixed tanks can be filled if you are present with payment. Guests in Motorhomes desiring propane can put an Aransas Propane flyer (available in the office) under a windshield wiper to alert the propane truck driver.

The current prices from Aransas Propane are as follows:

·         20# tanks - $16

·         30# tanks - $23

·         40# tanks - $29

·         100#  tanks - $3.50 per gallon

·         Motor Home - $3.50 per gallon

Guest WiFi internet access and Cable TV have been restored in the Family Club House. To use the internet connect to BayView-Clubhouse. No password is required.

The heated pool and hot tub at the Adult Club House has reopened. During the winter season this pool is available to families as long as an adult accompanies children. The large pool at the Family Clubhouse is now closed for the winter season.

The remodeled south men's bath and shower house has been completed and is now open for guest use.

Work continues in all areas of the park as recovery and clean up efforts continue. The Village and South sections of the park are fully operational but the North section remains closed. If your reservation is for the north section, sites 1 - 119, a site in the operational sections of the park will be available to you until you can returned to your site in the North section.

If you have checked out of the park make sure you communicate with the office staff for final details on your account. Your RV and all personal items must be removed from your site. All Monthly or Weekend Special guests with an RV or personal items on a site are required to pay their site fees and metered electricity usage.

Harvey Recovery Status

Bay View RV Resort

As of Sept 29, 2017

As indicated in our last update, Bay View is up and running thanks to the tireless efforts of our staff and numerous volunteers, many from our community. We outline below the current status of operations, facilities and our plans for full recovery. We also reiterate our plans for reservations and billing.

Office Operations

Office Operations in Rockport remain on a reduced schedule and capability status. This is due to a lack of phone and internet functionality. As of this date, Spectrum has not restored our phone or internet service to the office or clubhouses so we are working with cell phones and a cell phone hotspot. While this gives us some abilities to function, it does reduce the number of calls and processes we can handle at any one time. Please be patient with us as we work within the constraints currently in place at Rockport. The best way to communicate with us is via email to our resort@bayviewrockport.com address. We are keeping this email address live as much as possible on the limited bandwidth we are working with.

Office hours we can commit to for now are 10:00 am to 2:00 pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. We will try to add hours and Wednesday and Sunday days as staff and connectivity allow. Again, if you need to talk to us outside these hours, for now, write us at the "resort" email, let us know you need a call and give us some times that would work for you.

A Note on Empathy, Civility andCourtesy - We are acutely aware that many of our customers at the time of the storm have suffered physical, financial and emotional distress. Our staff and many volunteers have worked long, hard hours to maintain communications and provide timely, accurate information throughout the storm right through until today as I write this. To a person, these people are members of our community and many have been affected personally similar to you. They are trying, within the limitations imposed by current conditions and our resources, to provide you with the services you need and expect. I could not be prouder of their efforts. Please treat them with the patience and respect they have earned and deserve. Problems which you feel have not been adequately addressed by the on-site staff may be addressed to my attention by writing to the email address above and noting in the subject line, “Please Forward to Paul Rula” and I will get with you. Disrespect of our staff which takes any form will not be tolerated.

Facilities Status

Cleanup continues daily across the Resort. Rough tree and other Bay View debris in the Village has been either moved to Hwy 35 and picked up or has been gathered in piles along our roads awaiting pickup by FEMA contractors. With a few exceptions due to damage to pedestals or unusual circumstances, all sites previously available in the Village are back in service. Work is progressing well on all other roads and sites on the South Side of the Resort. All roads are now passable and generally, additional sites are made available each day on the South Side. Barring inclement weather or additional setbacks, we think all sites on the South Side will be available by the end of next week. The South Bath has been temporarily closed due to lack of housekeeping staff. Please use the FCH Bathhouse for all your restroom and shower needs for now. Sites 1-9 and 34 thru 37 on the North Side sit in isolated environments and have been opened. All other sites on the North Side await further investigation of the utility systems and clearance of debris. We have a contractor who has indicated they would begin work on the North Side, but as of this writing they have not mobilized to the site. Likewise, the North Bath has been closed until more sites on the North Side are made operational. The baths at the ACH are functioning and being maintained. Given the conditions and staff limitations, PLEASE take a little extra time and effort for the next month or so to keep the bathhouses and facilities clean and tidy after your use to help our reduced staff. The FCH is functional, albeit parts of its roof were blown off in the storm, and temporary tarps have been placed on the building to temporarily weather it in. The FCH pool will be cleaned but given the seasonal timing it is anticipated to be maintained offline until next Spring as is typical in the Winter. The ACH pool will be brought online within the next 10 days and barring unforeseen issues will be maintained as heated throughout the Winter as has been our practice. The hot tub is currently operational.

Individual Camper Sites

As indicated above, individual sites starting with the Village and continuing on to the South Side and then the North Side are being cleared of tree and park generated debris by our staff, volunteers and contractors. Consistent with our policy stated in the last status update, Individual camper’s personal property that was left outside during the storm or which became scattered due to damage to that camper’s rig is the responsibility of that camper to clean up. Many of our campers have returned and diligently cleaned their sites and in many cases those of friends and neighbors. Our policy regarding damaged, disabled rigs or personal property debris on one’s site is that you continue to occupy that site until such debris is removed and that the normal expenses of site rental and cable will continue to accrue until the site is cleared of the camper’s property. We simply do not have the resources to both clear and restore the community facilities and clear the property of individual campers at this time. If you need assistance in removing a rig or cleaning up your site, write to us at the email address above and we will try and refer you to sources that can help you.


The first billing following the storm will be coming out in the next day or so. The storm hit on August 25, just days before our normal billing date for September. While electric meters had been read on the 23th for electricity consumed in August, we have held that bill and as we indicated in the last status report. All customers who were in the park prior to the storm will be receiving a bill for their August electricity usage. (And if you were wondering, to date not a single one of our vendors has offered to reduce, defer or write off any of our bills and that includes the electric and cable providers.) We on the other hand, in the spirit of shared loss, have chosen to write off the September Site rental charges for all customers prior to the storm so long as they cooperate in clearing their site in a timely manner. Therefore, the billing for October 1 will only include all normal site charges for October (site rent, cable) plus electricity charges for August and September, if any. Thereafter, we anticipate billing returning to normal. Without internet, we cannot process credit cards so for now payment must be by cash, check, money order, or via our electronic payment portal (see link on web site.)

Some of you have relocated, particularly those from the North Side whom we asked to move in order to ensure that we could better serve you in the transition with utilities. We appreciate your cooperation. During this transition period, your site charges will continue to reflect the rates you were being charged on your old site. If cable is not available on your new, temporary site, those charges will be abated as well.

Given the confusion and uncertainty that many customers have experienced, we are only now beginning to be able to establish a clear picture of our go-forward occupancy and reservation status. I anticipate it will take at least another couple of weeks before we have a comprehensive understanding of who is returning and which future reservations are confirmed. Due to these circumstances, we are asking that existing customers currently on the South Side who wish to relocate express their site preferences verbally or via email, but not expect a definitive response until we can complete the reservation validation process. We can do this through the use of our waitlist function. We simply do not want to move someone to find we have double-booked a site. Your patience is appreciated.

Day by day, Bay View, Rockport, and the Coastal Bend are getting better. As the boys from Gonzales once said, “Come and Take It”. Harvey tried. He failed.

Posted 9/24/17


Bay View and the Rockport area are making significant restoration progress. More and more area businesses and services are reopening, some like us with reduced capacity or hours, and at Bay View we are working hard every day on facility and RV site restoration. We wish to extend a HUGE thank you to our workkampers and staff, the many loyal Bay View campers, along with numerous volunteers who have and continue to work tirelessly to restore our Coastal Paradise. You folks are amazing!


Bay View is open for business. We are beginning to take in new campers and reservations.  That being said, we continue to implement our plan of clearing and restoring sites and facilities first on the South side, then moving on to complete the North side.  The Village (sites 401-545) is with a few exceptions fully operational.  We expect the balance of the South side (sites 120-247) to be operational no later than mid October if not sooner.  During this transition period, campers whose sites are non-operational are being offered fully functioning sites in the Village and on the South side while retaining their previous reservation and pricing.

A temporary office and command center has been set up in the Adult Clubhouse (ACH) which is the first building on the right as you enter the park. The office is open with a limited 10am to 2pm schedule Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The office will be closed Wednesday and Sunday. Check in RV parking is available on the main road. Enter through the main gate and turn left down the main road and park your rig and walk to the office.

For our Winter Texans, we currently anticipate running our activities programming this Winter.  The hot tub is already up and running and the ACH pool should be online within 2 weeks.  All reservations are active and we look forward to your arrival and winter season stay. If you are changing your plans, please give us a call or email us to the address below to advise.


Mail deliveries resumed 9/18/17. Mail delivered to Bay View can be picked up in the temporary Office at the ACH from 10am to 2pm. Of course we cannot be certain all mail since the storm has finally been delivered but early returns are favorable.


While much progress has been made there is still much to do. Electricity, water, and sewer utilities have been restored to the Village, South side, and Sites 1-11 in the North section of the park.  There still remain a number of campers that appear damaged that must be removed from the park.  Please call or better yet email us at resort@bayviewrockport.com to let us know what your plans are for your camper and your future reservation here at Bay View.  We hear some guest’s report that they have cable TV and cable internet services but the office and clubhouse service remains down.  It has been reported that Spectrum cable and internet should be restored by the end of September. Rockport WiFi has not repaired and restored their services to their customers in the park at the time of this writing.  Down trees and tree limbs are being cleared every day with focus on the South side.  This work will continue until the first rough cleanout of debris has been completed.  THE GOOD NEWS IS the live oaks have re-sprouted their fall leaves and it makes such a difference to see them sending us all a message of hope and renewal.   The plan is to complete the rough clearing of sites and roads, return to fine dress the grounds, continue with extensive pruning, and engineer and complete facilities repairs.

We greatly appreciate the many guests who have returned to clean up their sites and remove personal items scattered by Harvey. If you have not done so, please come and clean up your and any surrounding sites which contain your personal items.  We simply do not have the resources to handle not only the natural debris (trees, etc.) and also our many assets which were affected (roofs, pedestals, water system, etc.) and pick up and remove all the personal trash that was scattered about by Harvey.  After October 1, sites that remain occupied by a rig or personal trash will be considered occupied and will be charged the normal site and other fees.

Let’s all learn lessons from Harvey as well.   As you return to re-establish your permanent or part-time home here at Bay View, let’s all try to be more careful of the items we place on our site and leave outside.  We expect to review the performance of sheds and other structures and revise our Park Rules to better handle future events (such as requiring sheds to be wind rated, for example) while strengthening the communities’ efforts to maintain sites and therefore Bay View as a pleasing community in which to live, work and play. 


Our regular billing policy for monthly guests will resume on 10/1/17. September site fees are being waived by management conditioned on campers clearing their sites of their household debris and damaged campers in a timely manner.  October site fees, August and September electricity usage, if any, bills will go out this coming week and are due on 10/1/17.  Without internet or phones, we have no way to process credit cards so payment must be by cash, check, money order or the Forte electronic ACH payment system.

Paul Rula, Managing Member, Bay View RV Resort


Posted 9/4/17:

Rumors are surfacing that create concern and distract from our efforts, and are counter-productive and harmful. We strongly encourage you to look only to our official website, bayviewrockport.com or our official Facebook page for postings from management. Any information that is circulated privately or on social media that is inconsistent with the information we post directly should be considered false or unreliable. We have maintained the office number, 361-400-6000, throughout the crisis through the considerable efforts of RJ. If you have specific questions or concerns, he is fully in the loop to provide what information we have. The ownership, management and particularly the staff and volunteers now on the ground at Bay View are doing their best under difficult circumstances to keep our current and future customers, campers, workers, and friends informed regarding conditions encountered in Rockport and our efforts to restore the park.

As for the latest on the recovery, our dedicated staff and volunteers are working under extremely challenging conditions on the ground. There is no power, water or sewer at this time. A few have emergency generators but you should know this is not a complete solution to having power and comfort. Cell service is intermittent at best, so communication is difficult.

There is extensive damage as you have seen online and in the news. While aid groups have been assisting in helping our on-site crew survive, we have no definitive or official word from anyone in Rockport or FEMA concerning their plans for cleanup. No dump site has been designated, although the transfer station on Airport Road is reportedly open. No pickup contractor has been announced for the park. AEP is reporting power will turn on in the middle of the night on the 8th.  My conversations with the director of utilities left it unclear whether that date would include Bay View.

The water system in Rockport was compromised. Art Smith is as good a municipal utility director as there is, always a friend to Bay View, and he is struggling to restart water service in the City. The sewer system has been shut down since the storm and cannot restart until power is restored to energize pump stations and the treatment plant. Only after power is restored can he fully diagnose any issues he has and work to correct them. Bay View pumps to the City sewer, so until they can take our effluent, we cannot send it to them. Therefore, it will be at least a couple of days after power is restored before we can energize our sewage lift pumps.

We have developed a plan to incrementally restore utilities to the park. We will start with the Village unless further investigation after that service is turned on suggests our initial plan needs revision. We are choosing the Village since only 1 lift station services the entire 156 sites and the balance of that utility installation is the most modern and up to date. We plan to relocate customers to the Village on a temporary basis as we work our way through the balance of the park restoring utilities and clearing debris.

Keep in mind that resources, that might have otherwise been available to Rockport and its residents, have been diverted to Houston and points east in preparation for Hurricane Irma, at least for now. This will no doubt slow and delay recovery efforts in Rockport and the Coastal Bend. Therefore, it will be a challenge for the leadership in Rockport to ensure that we not be forgotten as all areas affected by Harvey strive to recover and rebuild. 

If you wish to help Bay View and its loyal community, please do not circulate unsubstantiated information. We are looking for others to join our band of volunteers, but it only makes sense to schedule them after we get utilities restored in order to provide the power necessary to conduct recovery operations. If you have experience and expertise in utility functions and in particular the clearing and cutting up our considerable downed timber, we will welcome your help, hopefully in the near future.  

Paul Rula, Managing Member, Bay View RV Resort


Posted 9/2/17:



Information and Coordination

Bay View has set up a remote virtual office to field calls, coordinate information and plan for the recovery and restoration of services. Cell and phone data service has been restored in Rockport, but without power there is no landline service, internet or otherwise. Pictures and current information will be posted to our website with links to our Facebook page.

The volunteers who are currently in the park doing assessments, information gathering for fellow campers, preliminary road clearing, damage control on our buildings, and beginning to repair damaged facilities and utilities are working extremely hard under very trying conditions.  Please respect their time and energies when in the park or when asking for assistance. Please make any requests for assistance through the office before arrival if at all possible to allow us to coordinate them.

Residency @ Bay View

You are encouraged to come in to assess your situation, make repairs to your rig, etc. and retrieve your property during non-curfew hours.  Please contact the office in advance of your arrival.  Since there are no utility services to the park at this time, we must ask that you not move back in until after utilities have been restored and we can verify that your area is functional. Full time occupancy at this time is limited to individuals specifically authorized by the Owner.

Power is currently slated to be available on September 9. That could change. We have taken steps to observe and check for damage or dangerous situations in the park buildings and sites, so it will probably take several days to fully power up the park.  Even after that, we anticipate possible problems with the water and sewer systems. We plan to power up essential facilities first then work through the park to assess any issues with the utilities.  At this time we have not been advised when sewer service will return so until it does, water service will necessarily be limited. Until power is restored at a minimum, progress on the ground is extremely difficult.

While you are in the park, attempt to pick up any debris at your site take it with you if possible. Every bit of cleanup assistance helps.

If you wish to join the returnees who have volunteered to come and work to restore the property, be aware that conditions are difficult. Call the office to discuss whether that makes sense for both you and the park at this time. Volunteers are expected to be fully self-sufficient. 

Please, put absolutely nothing in the sewer. Whether you are in the park full time now or only temporarily, all discharges must be held in your tanks and managed individually as if you were dry camping. Rest rooms in the main Family Clubhouse can be used, as they are on a septic system. Pool water is available in buckets for flushing.  Please refill after your use for the next person.

Cold storage is available for the full time volunteers in the Family Clubhouse. This is provided by emergency generators, so please respect other’s food items and limit access in order to keep these items cold.


Curfew in the park will be in effect from 7PM till 7AM each day, during which time vehicular access to the property will be blocked. If you have the need to access the park at another time, please contact the office, 361-400-6000 at least 1 day in advance to review your request. Please communicate this information to any insurance or other vendors who may seek to access the park.

Access to the park is available through the Exit gate only during non-curfew hours.  No exceptions.

Be aware of persons in the park. If you encounter strangers, do not be timid in asking their business for being there. Take pictures of persons and vehicles that appear suspicious and send to resort@bayviewrockport.com.

We are mobilizing some security patrols as best we can under the circumstances and have reached out to the Sheriff of Aransas County to step up his efforts to restrict access to the County to only persons with a legitimate purpose for being in the area.

If you are coming to the park temporarily to assess the situation of your property, we encourage you to secure your rig and property well. We recommend you remove and take with you any high value items for safekeeping until conditions in Rockport normalize or you are back in your park residence.

FEMA and other recovery information will be posted to our website as it is made available. Thank you for your patience during this very difficult time, as we strive to get the park up and running for all our guests as soon as possible.


The Ownership of Bay View RV Resort


For Rockport information from governmental agencies click the following link:


Please read the letters from Rockport Mayor CJ Wax to get the latest Rockport status.

The following public links of Bay View and the Rockport area have been posted on Facebook.

Bay View and area:








Posted 8/30/17:

If you are in the park or enter the park please notify us at 361-400-6000 so we can try and control access to Bay View customers, workers, and contractors. While access is not encouraged, if you do come, please do your part to not only assess your situation but try and gather and take with you as much of your personal property, damaged or not, that lies about. Every little bit of debris or material that is removed helps us clear the property.

If you are a guest with personal property at Bay View and have called us for the condition of your site and equipment we are assessing the damage and photographing those sites. We will forward your photographs to the email address we have on file for you or that you have recently communicated to us.

If you have a future reservation with us, a date for reopening the park is uncertain at this time. If your reservation is scheduled on or before September 15, 2017 we are unable to accommodate you. As soon as we know our reopening date we will contact you.

We are monitoring the main phone number, 361-400-6000 if you need further information. You can also contact us via email at resort@bayviewrockport.com. We are trying as best we can under the circumstances to monitor and post to our Facebook site at https://www.facebook.com/bayviewrockport/. Conditions in Rockport and the progress of the restoration of utilities is fluid and ever changing. Bay View staff are working very hard under difficult circumstances to start the process of restoring Bay View. Please be respectful of their efforts and coordinate as much as possible with them while you are in the park.

Posted 8/29/2017:

We are currently in the process of assessing damage to the park and individual RV's that were in the park when Harvey hit and will be sharing that information via email and on the web. We expect to be operational as soon as utilities are fully restored but that date is currently unknown. If you need specific information, please call 361-400-6000 leave your name, phone number, email address, site number and a brief message. We will contact you as soon as we can. Thank you.

Note: Access to the park is limited to workers only, as conditions are unsafe. Many park roads are impassable, and Hurricane Harvey has rendered utilities and other support services in-operable at the present time.

We are monitoring information from FEMA and the local authorities, and will be posting that information as we receive it. Click on the following link to get the latest information from local. state, and federal officials. Please read the letters from Rockport Mayor CJ Wax to get the latest Rockport status. Until Rockport can provide essential services the park cannot reopen.


Bay View was recently featured on a Winter Texans special report on Kiii TV, a Corpus Christi ABC affiliate, click this link to view:


In the heart of the Texas Coastal Bend, between Corpus Christi and Houston, lies beautiful Rockport, Texas.

Known for its abundant fishing and birdwatching opportunities, as well as its pristine beaches, Rockport is a favorite vacation spot for many. The delightful weather, ancient shade oaks, and beautiful Gulf Coast beaches enhance the lure of Bay View RV Resort. Campers and RVers take advantage of the resort’s shaded spacious sites as well as our many recreational activities that suit both young and old.

While fishing, boating, swimming, and outdoor festivals occupy some, the opportunity for birding tops the list. Ibis, herons, whooping cranes, egrets, and hummingbirds flock to this tropical setting, making the resort popular among birdwatching enthusiasts. Nearby islands and wetlands serve as the nesting and breeding grounds for thousands of migratory birds.

Also topping the list is the abundance of fish such as trout, redfish (red drum), black drum, sheepshead, red snapper, shark, flounder, crab, shrimp and many more. The fishing is good here year-round - come on down and catch dinner!

Being a picturesque seaside community, Rockport is also famous as an artist and author colony, offering inspiration from its spectacular Gulf sunrises. The community prides itself on having some of the friendliest folks anyone could meet. Nearby attractions include:

Don't miss the opportunity to visit the Texas Gulf Coast, one of the most beautiful places in the country. With Rockport's terrific weather, unparalled fishing, and incredible birdwatching your winter or summer vacation is sure to be a perfect blend of tranquil and active. Winter Texans and summer fishermen/women welcome! Look for our specials!