Bay View Rules, Policies, Proceduers and Guidlines

QUIET HOURS: 10:00 PM TO 7:00 AM

SOLICITATIONS:Only park authorized selling is allowed, such as at craft sales and/or activities

PETS:Aggressive dog breeds and exotic animals are not allowed. Pets must be kept on a leash and accompanied by their owner at all times. Pets are not allowed on other sites or landscaped areas. Pets must be current with vaccinations. Pets are restricted from all public buildings and pool areas. You must police your pet at all times and dispose of waste properly. It is not acceptable for pets to make loud noise or bark for prolonged periods of time. Documentation of service animals is required.

FAMILY POOL:Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult. Toddlers must wear swim diapers. No glass or breakable containers.NO running/diving/horseplay allowed. Please observe safe behavior while in pool area. NO smoking allowed in pool area.

FAMILY CLUBHOUSE:No person under the age of 14 is permitted in the clubhouse without adult supervision.

ADULT POOL/HOT TUB:Must be 19 years of age to enter these premises. No glass or breakable containers. NO running/diving/or horseplay allowed. Please observe safe behavior while in pool area. NO smoking in the pool area or clubhouse.

LAKES/PONDS:NO Boating, swimming or wading. NO littering. Dispose of trash and cigarette butts properly.

TRASH:All garbage, trash and litter must be placed in the trash dumpster, located near clubhouse, and the lids must be kept closed.

BIKES:All children MUST wear helmets. Bikes are to be ridden on roads only.

GOLF CARTS:NO unlicensed driver may operate golf carts without a licensed driver accompanying them. Golf carts must be driven on the roadways or cart trails.

MOTORCYCLES/ATV’s/MINI-BIKES/GO-CARTS:  These are not permitted on roadways unless traveling from one location to another or the purpose of conducting business.

SEVERE WEATHER:Seek shelter in the concrete bath houses located on both sides of the resort.

ILLEGAL ACTIVITY:All illegal activity, including the use of illegal substances, will be reported to the proper authorities and will result in permanent eviction from the park.

FIREWORKS & FIREARMS:Fireworks are not permitted at any time. The use of fire arms (including BB guns, pellet guns, paintball guns and blowguns), slingshots, bows and arrows or other potentially dangerous weapons are not permitted at any time.

FIRES:ABSOLUTELY NO open fires are permitted per Aransas County Fire Department. All fire pits must be in an enclosed fire apparatus with a screen spark cover. Hand-dug fire pits are not allowed.

TENT SITES:Are limited to a maximum stay of ten days.

CONDUCT:Smoking is not permitted in any of the public buildings or near the entrances to these buildings. Ashtrays are conveniently located for disposal of smoking materials. Resort guests are responsible for the behavior and actions of their visitors. Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult while on the property. Persons under the age of 18 must be on their campsite by 10:00 pm unless accompanied by an adult. Please respect your fellow campers. Do not cut through others’ campsites. Keep music, voices and activities within your sites limits. Loud obnoxious, disorderly, boisterous or unlawful conduct or conduct that threatens or disturbs the rights, comfort or convenience of others in or near the resort will not be tolerated. Violence or the threat of violence will not be tolerated. Damage or destruction of any property will be the responsibility of the person renting the site.

SITE POLICIES:  All sewer connections must be sealed with a rubber donut or screw-in fitting per Aransas County Health Department. NO dumping of grey/black water on the ground. Use ONLY non-formaldehyde products in septic. Changing sites is NOT allowed without prior approval from the office. The site you are renting is neat, clean and adequate for your RV unit, please keep it that way. Do NOT make changes to your site without written approval of management. This includes but is not limited to sheds, decks or any other improvements. Pick up mail at the office during posted office hours. Washing of vehicles/boats/RV’s require a wash permit which can be obtained at the front office (fee charged). Check with the office for propane deliveries. Feel free to use the laundry facilities. Only umbrella or RV clotheslines are allowed. NO more than 6 persons per site. Additional sites will need to be rented for any extra persons. Remember to occupy only your site. If you need a place to park your boat, check with the office.

PAYMENTS: Security deposit and pro-rated monthly charges are due upon check-in. The site use fee and other charges such as utilities or cable (“Resort Charges”) are payable on the 1st of every month.  All charges are payable in advance except electricity which is individually metered.  Electricity is read on or about the 25th of the month (or upon departure) and billed in arrears for the prior month (or partial period in the case of departure).  The electric meter will be read on departure and will be taken out of the security deposit and the remaining funds will be mailed to your or if it does not cover the balance, you will receive an invoice for the remaining balance. Cash, check, or online ACH payments accepted; no credit cards.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF PAYMENTS:    The Camper agrees that the Resort may charge and Camper will pay a $25.00 late fee plus $3.00 per day for all amounts past the due date (NO PARTIAL PAYMENTS). Camper also agrees to pay all costs of collection including but not limited to attorneys fees.  In addition the Resort reserves the right to (1) cut of utilities to any camper more than 10 days late and or (2) make arrangements at Camper’s sole cost and expense to have any RV and all other items of Camper on the Resort premises.

RETURNED/NSF or REVERSE CHARGES:   Payment shall not be considered “good funds” unless the payment received irrevocably clears Resort’s bank account.  Camper agrees that all charges from 3rd party processors and financial institutions plus a $35.00 handling fee shall be charged in cases of Returned/NSF checks or electronic payments.  Late Payment fees shall also accrue as set forth above until full payment in “good funds” is received.


            6th - $25.00 late fee added and $3.00 per day fee until paid.

            10th - The electricity & water will be shut off

            15th - RV removed from site

RV/TRAILERS/TENTS: All RV’s shall be in good condition and repair.All RV’s/trailers/vehicles must be currently registered and drivable.All RV’s need to be maintained in a moveable condition in order to provide for easy access to underground utilities and in order to be able to comply with mandatory evacuation orders in the event of a hurricane.In general, RV’s shall have been manufactured no more than ten years ago unless such RV shall be allowed with BVARC or owner written approval.Each site shall permit one RV and one passenger vehicle. Management may permit vehicles, boat(s) or ancillary trailers may be associated with such site. Sites, due to size and other characteristics, may be permitted one or two cars/trucks, golf cart(s), boat(s).

SITES: Sites shall be maintained as neat, orderly and attractive at all times.  Occupants are responsible for grass cutting out 5 feet from and around rig. Non-functioning vehicles or boats or repairs to such vehicles/boats are not allowed RV sties. When Occupant is not in residence at Bay View, all equipment, furniture and other personal property outside the RV shall be neatly stowed either in the RV or storage shed, if any, or in the case of lawn furniture, etc. which cannot be stowed, shall be placed in such a way to present a pleasing appearance (and to minimize the risk to the Occupant’s RV and other Occupants) in the case of high winds or storm conditions.  Occupant shall ensure that its RV, ancillary structures, landscaping, equipment, vehicles, and material shall be within the confines of its site and not encroach on any other site, even if such site is currently vacant. This includes but is not limited to parking vehicles or landscaping on other sites.  Occupant may request Management designate the boundaries of its site.  Of course, Occupant may procure and pay for more than one site at the discretion of Management.

CARPET:No indoor carpet will be allowed outside of RV’s or Mobile Homes.  Only breathable mats and/or outdoor carpet in appropriate sizes and condition are allowed.

STORAGE:No boxes, storage bins or additional storage of any kind is allowed underneath the RV without the written approval of Management.

SHEDS/STRUCTURES/DECKS/FRABRIC SHELTERS/GAZEBOS: No shed, deck or other ancillary structure including fabric shelters or gazebos intended to be left up for more than a week or other or other similar improvement of any kind (“Ancillary Structure”) may be placed on any site without the prior written consent of the manager. Management may maintain a list of commercially available sheds which are permitted but may only be located on a site in a precise location prescribed by Management in compliance with the guidelines. The design of any other sheds or Ancillary Structure shall be submitted to the BVARC in writing. Such custom sheds and structures will be evaluated based on the size and location of the site, size of the RV, location within the Resort, design of the shed or Ancillary Structure and the amount of vehicle on the site, etc. Sheds or Ancillary Structures permitted under this section will be inspected upon completion and reviewed for compliance with submitted plans.  Failure to adhere to the plans and/or locations previously approved by the BVARC shall be cause for revision or removal of the shed/structure/deck/improvement.  No shed or Ancillary Structure will be constructed over water, electrical or other utility lines in such a way as to block easy access to these facilities. All shed and Ancillary Structures must be movable/removable.  The largest size for any shed is 10’ by 10’ or 100 sqft.  Any shed or Ancillary Structure may be utilized by Bay View when the site upon which it is located is not occupied by a seasonal Occupant unless such Occupant shall make suitable arrangements with Management to the contrary which shall include, among other things, the payment of a monthly fee.  Upon departure any Shed or Ancillary Structure shall be removed by Occupant at their expense. Third party movers must register at the office upon arrival. Structures not removed by Occupant are retained by Bay View and become its personal property.

SEWER: All sewer connections must be sealed with a rubber donut or screw-in fitting per Aransas County Health Dept. Sewer hose must not lie on ground.  No dumpling of grey/black water on ground.  Do not put any kind of disposable wipes in toilets. (They clog septic system/can burn up pump motors).  Use only non-formaldehyde products in septic.

DISCLAIMER:NO refunds for early departure for any reason. The owners and management of Bay View RV Resort absolve themselves from all liability or responsibility pertaining to loss by fire, theft, accident, personal injury or any other cause to any tenant, guest or visitor. Management reserves the right to evict anyone who refuses to comply with these policies. Management reserves the right to set policy for situations not covered by these policies, procedures and guidelines. Any Violation of county ordinances or state statutes supersedes these policies. Policies are subject to change as circumstances require.