Winter Activities Director


It is time for our wonderful Winter Texans to start making their way back to Bay View and Rockport.   This is the time of year I love, because I know I will be seeing all my great friends.  However, I will no longer be your activities director.  I have loved every minute of it.  Bob and I have decided it is time for us to start spending some time traveling before time gets away from us.  I will still be in the area for a while, so I will stop in from time to time to welcome you all back and get hugs from you all.  I cannot thank everyone enough for all their support while I was activities director and I am sure you will continue to support this program.

  In case you have heard there will not be activities this year, that is absolutely incorrect.  Harvey tried to destroy us, but we are stronger than him.  All our workers have worked tirelessly to bring the park back.  Yes we still be working for a while, but clubhouses and adult pool will be operational.  I hope you all will come back to the park we all love and support your new activities director.  It was my pleasure being your director and I will never forget all the friendships and love I have felt from all of you.  It is not good-bye, it is see you soon.




We welcome back our “Queen of Fun,” winter activities director, Sharon Heien, for another fun-filled winter season! Sharon has been an activities director at other parks, and has put together some amazing ideas to keep us busy 7 days a week here at Bay View! With Sharon at the helm we’ve had computerized bowling, bean-bag baseball, shuffleboard, horseshoes, yoga, pilates, exercise classes, as well as bingo, card bingo, and other group games—getting as many people involved as possible. And, along with her husband, she’s taught dancing, too! There’s something for everyone, every day! In addition to these in-house activities, Sharon has also snagged some wonderful guest performers and organized off-site activities to keep us entertained. Fun times!

Winter Texans are always having fun at Bay View. Past park activities have included: cowboy hat night, craft sales (warm cinnamon rolls & coffee available), table games & bingo, quality guest entertainers, a volunteer in-house band, Wii bowling, pool tables, special interest groups and more!

Outdoor activities include: shuffleboard on a court refurbished by park volunteers, horseshoes, and even a couple pitch and putt golf holes. Beautiful walks or bike rides in a park-like setting with trees, flowers, and several ponds that attract beautiful birds.

Food always seems to be a Bay View priority with a chili cook-off, holiday parties and dinners, potlucks, pool parties. Affordable Wednesday night dinners and Friday hamburger and hot dog lunches are available at the Family Clubhouse.

Rockport is a vibrant community with holiday activities including a Christmas symphony, an afternoon and evening Tropical Christmas celebration, monthly market days with vendors from all over the state. Fishing, boating, kite flying and beach outings are popular area activities.

The Rockport area enjoys beautiful birding and wildlife viewing areas and if your stay includes the month of April make sure you visit Sandfest in Port Aransas where world-class artists compete with their magnificent beach sand sculptures.

Bay View guests have taken advantage of park sponsored trips to San Antonio, Goliad, Victoria, Mexico, Coushatta Casino and other point of interest. Bay View is a great place to spend the winter season to have fun and make new friends.